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Author: AndroidJones via Reddit.

One Nation Under Cthulhu

I saw this repost over at Reddit. First time I’ve seen it even though it is several years old apparently. I thought it was creepy and provocative … until I saw the original. Out of the two fictional characters, and one being a high priest from beyond our dimension, I know which one really makes my stomach turn. That jesus shit REALLY creeps me out (because people actually worship him!).


Author unknown. Bigger image. Really big image.

Made in USA


Via Reddit. I keep having issues with my Reddit history.


Via Reddit.

Matter of internal security …


Via Reddit. Can’t get this damn thing to save to Reddit likes anymore. So I’m reposting it here instead.

Land of the free, home of the brave


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Operation Gladio Redux

Operation GladioSo it turns out the United States has been spying on Swedish citizens using somewhat remarkable methods, since at least the year 2000. Just like what happened in Norway, Denmark and most likely any country that is the host of a US surveillance central embassy. The US claims it is only watching its embassy, making it sound as if it is simply a case of looking out the window and possibly photographing passers-by.

But in actuality, the modus operandi sound an awful lot like Operation Gladio. Locals are organized in surveillance (and prospective terror) cells, working in secret outside of the embassy premises. In that context, the SDU program seems more like a cover and something to feed local politicians and security services should they ever become curious. Spying tasks may have been menial, even innocent at times, but were like all classic spy programs involving locals meant to vet and motivate operatives. And in addition, the visible SDU layer of the operation became a convenient trap for local politicians who could be made to seem complicit. The real goal is undoubtedly to create a fifth column that will not only spy and infiltrate but also perform false flag attacks, intimidate journalists and influence policy.

Hopefully this has opened a few eyes to the stark reality of the world we’re living in. The jig is up America. We can see your villainy and we no longer accept your self-proclaimed right to exist. Justice and truth will prevail eventually and it will seal your tomb.

Swedish Election

Actual election poster from KD (Christian Democrats)The final result is in. Hopefully. If some loser doesn’t try to overturn the result. Can’t say I’m surprised, but I am nevertheless saddened. In the grand scheme of things though, this was the best possible outcome given the stark reality of the situation. Since the political left was unable to form a government, and the electorate also showed a staggering ignorance for the civil rights issues of the Pirate Party, a continued majority government of the political right seemed to loom large on the horizon.

The nutty anti-Islam nationalistic xenophobes of the "Sweden Democrats" (SD) and regular tea party lookalikes sure saved the day from my perspective. Now, the minority government will either face a potentially deadly smear by cooperating with (SD), or they will face the constant risk of being voted down or having to compromise across the aisle. In either case, their agenda, overt or covert as it may be, will be slowed or scuttled. At the end of the day, nothing (SD) can come up with can be much worse (for me personally anyway) than what the sitting government could have already thought out. I don’t have anything to lose here so I will gamble on the possibility that it buys time for a comeback of the left – fingers crossed! Bitter and destructive? You bet! So long as I don’t have to take to the streets and get my hands bloody – cause that sounds like an awful lot of work and social interaction obviously – I will condone any sort of fear and chaos. If I can’t have my way it’s better that no one does.

Now, bring the popcorn!

In 2021 …


From Married to the Sea via Reddit.

Cartoons for Gaza


By Frederick Deligne. Other select Cagle cartoonists: Another slick on the Mediterranean, Gaza Flotilla Attacked, Freedom Flotilla, Israeli Flag.

As for the actual attack I’m saving my breath. I’ve expended enough bile and vitriol for a lifetime. My opinion is well known. And the world will come to see my way is right. You’re all going to regret not stopping this runaway train while you still had the chance. In the meantime, I celebrate increased divisions and disorder. No world order!

Give Empires A Chance

I don’t know why but this makes me think of the US propaganda machine.


Photo by Blake Lokey. Originally found here.

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